Noonday Collection

Hello Friends!

My heart is for the people of Haiti... After having lived in Haiti for about 5 years, I made my way back to the States eager to find a way to stay connected and serve the people I had come to love. Noonday Collection was exactly that. While attending Noonday’s Shine conference, I saw that there is a way to be a part of impacting people’s lives, while living here in the place I now call home... Cincinnati. Artisans spoke about the impact dignified jobs are making on the women (and men) of their communities. Women in the States talked about the life change they have experienced since becoming an Ambassador through relationships formed, Artisan trips, and earning an income for their family. And, you all, Noonday has been around for 10 years!! They are really doing it!! I am so grateful to have found Noonday! Sound like something you would like to be a part of? I would love to chat over coffee (or tea) and hear more about your story and what sparked your interest in Noonday Collection!


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