Damsel in Defense

Hello, and welcome to Damsel in Defense! My name is Deadra McIntosh, and I am your Independent Damsel Pro. As an IDP, it is my goal to fulfill the Damsel mission which is "to EQUIP, EMPOWER and EDUCATE women to protect themselves and their families". We make every effort to provide "empowerment and healing" to anyone who has been affected or impacted by an assault.

As you look through our catalog you will find something for everyone; from pepper spray and stun guns to emergency automobile kits. Why, we even have a "family education-based product line" that can be used as a tool for having safety conversations with your young ones.

So, take a look at our products, and feel free to contact me if you have a question, would like to place an order, and if you're interested in hosting a Damsel gathering for your friends.

Thanks again!


Deadra McIntosh


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